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Calm Tonic - Desert Bloom Botanicals

Calm Tonic


Keep Calm with Adaptogens.

Calm Botanical Bitters is a calming blend of Lemon Balm, Burdock, Dandelion, and Eleuthero that decreases stress and anxiety and calms the nervous system. Formulated to help you remain grounded, Calm soothes the mind and nourishes frazzled nerves. Embrace the balance the adaptogens provide. 

Calm Botanical Bitters is great for:

  • Slowing down at the end of the day

  • Easing nervousness

  • Releasing stress without sleep or anxiety aides

  • Vegan, packed with natural adaptogens

Ingredients: Lemon balm, burdock, dandelion, eleuthero, herbs and spices, glycerin, cane spirits.  



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About Adaptogens

About Adaptogens: Plants and herbs that assist the body in promoting resilience and managing stress. Adaptogens work best over an extended period of time.

Gluten Free. No GMO’s. All natural. Vegan. Organically grown. No pesticides. No heavy metals. No additives, fillers, or sweeteners.

How To Use

Botanical Bitters

How To Use: Smooth, earthy flavor — shake well before using. Drop 0.5mL under your tongue. Let absorb. Add drops to smoothies, coffee, cocktails, or recipes.

Size and Servings: 1 oz reusable glass bottle, 60 servings per container.


Superfood Powders

How To Use: Smooth, earthy flavor — add these concentrated superfood powders to classic cocktails, smoothies or sparkling water. 

Size and Servings: 4 oz reusable glass jar, 1 teaspoon serving.

Pairing Playlists

Pairing Playlists

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