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Stress Reduction Recipes

Posted by Sarah Baxendell on
Stress Reduction Recipes

Stress can be a beast, wreaking havoc throughout your life. Stress is something than can affect your whole body. It can cause you to simply not be yourself. Because of this, you may be searching for remedies or ways to cope with the stress that is weighing you down. We're here to help! With these stress reduction recipes that are easy to make in your kitchen, you can regain control of your wellbeing. 

Reishi Tea Blend

  • 1pt Reishi Mushroom

  • 1pt Douglas Fir

  • 1pt Hawthorne Berry


Tulsi Astragalus Chai

  • 2 tb Tulsi

  • 1 tb Astragalus

  • Pinch Cardamon

  • Pinch Ginger

  • Pinch Cinnamon


Kava Kava and Rose Massage Oil

  • 2 pt Kava Kava

  • 1 pt dried Rose Petals

  • Soak in avocado and sunflower oils for 4 weeks. Add sandalwood essential oil after the oil is strained of plant materials.


Rose and Sandalwood Body Oil

  • Ocotillo Petals

  • Wild Rose Petals

  • Jojoba, Sunflower, Peach Kernel and Avocado Oils

  • Soak and strain after 4 weeks. Add sandalwood Essential Oil


Article by Sarah Baxendell

Sarah Baxendell helps women access the power of herbs and take control of their personal wellness. As Chief Creative Officer at Desert Bloom Botanicals, she designs products and programs that are easy to use, accessible, and ignite your wellness journey. Sarah is a permaculture designer, clinical herbalist, and nature educator. 


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