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Managing Stress with Herbs

Posted by Sarah Baxendell on
Managing Stress with Herbs
Taking care of your body in all forms is so important, and it's something a lot of us may not take the time out to do. Think about it, when's the last time you took some time to connect with your body, to figure out what you're lacking, or in need of to properly nourish it. 

So, stop what you're doing. Ask your body for what it is in need of. By doing this, we are restoring the connection, so we can hear. You do not have to be “on” all the time.

Categories of Herbs for Managing Stress

  • Deal with side effects of stress

  • Rebuild energy levels over time

  • Deal with the root cause of stress

Deal with the Side Effects of Stress

  • Pedicularis: A yin tonic and muscle relaxant that works to ease your frame of mind, which is important for those who suffer from anxiety and tend to have their minds racing 24/7.

  • Reishi Mushroom: This herb allows you to adapt and manage stress and utilize the intelligence of your cells. Your body is amazing and will work to help you, if you take the right steps to allow it to do so.

  • Kava Kava: Mind altering relaxant and sedative, this herb helps the body to let go, while retaining mental activity. It'll unwind tensions that may be built up inside you and hold you back from our creativity, sensuality, and enjoyment of life.

  • Marshmallow: A solution to dryness, this herb aid in reliving inflammation you may be experiencing.

  • Lemon Balm: Calms and soothes the nervous system. Restores those who are over wrought and exhausted.

Herbs teach us about energetic positions. There are many herbs that have various benefits that can help with persistent issues, such as energy.

Rebuilding Energy with Herbs

  • Ashwagandha: Restores strength and vitality. Over time it balances the immune system and decreases anxiety. It may be slower process that is worth it when you begin to feel the overall relief.

  • Asparagus: Increases energy flow to the depths of the body producing increased calm, groundedness, and balance.

  • Milky Oats: Soothes frazzled nerves. Comforting, relaxing, calming. Those was face nerves and anxiety, and are easily reactive will enjoy the benefits of this herb.

  • Astragalus: Herbs of longevity. Diminishes fatigue and depletion, rejuvenates and energizes. Qi tonic.

  • Eleuthero: Improves mental performance, memory, and restores the body from adrenal fatigue. Perfect for the hardworking people who are mentally tired.

As an energizer, Astragalus is famed for its strengthening effects on the outside of the body. Therefore, it is beneficial to those who tend to be physically active and require external energy.

Managing the Root Causes of Stress with Herbs

  • Devil’s Club: Raises energies when exhausted. Perfect for those who are always moving and on-the-go.

  • Spikenard: Strengthens the sense of self in the face of ‘that which is other.’

  • Tulsi: Boosts your ability to handle stressors you may face daily.


Article by Sarah Baxendell

Sarah Baxendell helps women access the power of herbs and take control of their personal wellness. As Chief Creative Officer at Desert Bloom Botanicals, she designs products and programs that are easy to use, accessible, and ignite your wellness journey. Sarah is a permaculture designer, clinical herbalist, and nature educator.


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